Construction engineering


The graduate is awarded the academic degree of Bachelor of Engineering and Technology under the educational program "6В07303 - Construction Engineering".
Graduate Competency Model: The graduate has professional, personal, digital, entrepreneurial, managerial, research competencies, global, national code.
Focus of the educational program: design engineer of buildings and structures
The list of specialist positions: construction engineer, quality control engineer, site foreman, shop (site) manager, workshop foreman, production and technical support engineer, technical and design engineer, design engineer, design engineer, surveyor engineer, surveyor engineer, automation and mechanization engineer of production processes, Quality Engineer, Equipment Procurement Engineer, Construction Supervision Engineer, Commissioning and Testing Engineer, Scientific and Technical Information Engineer, Project Manager, Project Manager, Health and Safety Engineer, Process Engineer, Design Technician , technician-laboratory assistant, technician-technologist, laboratory assistant.
Field of professional activity of the graduate: the field of professional activity of graduates in the educational program "6В07303 - Construction Engineering" is the construction industry, oil and gas industry, mechanical engineering and chemical, mining, metallurgical industries, etc.
Object of professional activity: construction and installation departments and organizations, factories for the production of construction products, utilities, enterprises for the operation and repair of construction machinery and equipment, construction organizations, firms, design organizations, construction industry enterprises, organizations, research and design institutes , research and production centers.
Functions of professional activity:
Bachelors in the educational program "6В07303 - Construction Engineering" can perform the following types of professional activities:
 - manage the team at enterprises, companies and organizations that carry out construction and installation work for the construction, operation and reconstruction of buildings, structures, engineering systems and equipment;
  - to carry out design and engineering work for the construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures, engineering systems, etc.
- to organize work at construction enterprises, organizations and companies that are engaged in the calculation and design of buildings and structures, the construction of buildings and structures;
- to participate in the implementation of research work in research institutes and laboratories for testing building materials.
- to carry out engineering surveys, collection, analysis and systematization of scientific and technical information, implementation of project technical documentation;
-calculation and design of the structure of buildings and structures, construction, repair and reconstruction of buildings and structures, etc.


LО1- demonstrates quality knowledge in the field of basic science and engineering disciplines.
LО2 – owns global and national spiritual and moral values
LО3- selects sets of machines, mechanisms, equipment for performing construction processes and describes the technological sequence of construction operations and processes
LО4 - applies modern information technologies to solve specific problems in the field of construction
LО5 -  calculates the structure of buildings and structures, designs energy-saving buildings and structures
LО6 – plans and conducts research work in the field of building materials, building structures, and also performs and designs coursework
LО7 – interacts effectively in a professional and social environment
LО8 - is capable of further improving professional skills with the possibility of organizing his own business
Cycle Count of subjects
Basic disciplines (compulsory component) 24
Additional Types of Learning 1 1
General educational disciplines (elective courses component) 7
General educational disciplines (compulsory component) 3
Profil discipline (elective courses component) 16
Profil discipline (compulsory component) 4

Для успешного завершения курса необходимо освоить 180 ECTS

Код Subjects Credit Semester
B.002 Philosophy 5 1
B.013 Basics of law 5 1
B.017 The basics of anticorruption culture 5 1
В.012 Basics of labor safety and life safety 5 1
В.037 Sacral Mangystau 5 1
В16.002 Economic theory 5 1
В.038 Media literacy 5 1
В02.053 Thinking design 5 1
В12.019 Professional foreign language 3 1
В05.024 Higher mathematics 3 1
В07.005 Chemistry (in English) 3 1
B22.002 Engineering graphics and plotting 5 1
В31.004 Construction mechanics 5 1
B.001 History of Kazakhstan 5 2
B.007 Information and communication technologies 5 2
В01.007 Emotional intelligence 5 2
В.011 Entrepreneurship 5 2
В26.009 Engineering mechanics 5 2
В31.005 Engineering geodesy 5 2
В31.063 Introduction to research 5 2
B.033 Academic writing 3 3
В31.007 Construction Materials 5 3
В31.008 Building construction 1 5 3
В31.064 Soil mechanics 5 3
В31.018 Basics of earthquake engineering 5 3
В31.003 Construction machines and equipment 5 3
В31.037 Building automation and instrumentation 5 3
В31.039 Features of the organization of construction of energy-efficient buildings 5 3
В.025 Industrial practice 3 4
В31.065 AutoCAD and ArchiCAD 5 4
В31.067 Design and analysis of building systems 5 4
В31.011 Architecture 1 5 4
В31.061 Construction manufacture technology I 5 4
В31.021 Organization of construction production 5 4
В31.013 Building construction 2 5 4
В31.038 Energy saving in the system of ensuring the microclimate of buildings 5 4
В31.040 Architectural design of energy efficient residential buildings 5 4
В31.040 Coursework in the discipline Architectural design of energy-saving residential buildings 5 4
В31.013 Coursework on discipline Building construction 2 5 4
В31.061 Coursework in the discipline Technology of building production 1 5 4
В31.011 Coursework in the discipline Architecture 1 5 4
В31.066 BIM technology basics 5 5
В31.068 Foundation design 5 5
В31.069 Architectural design of industrial buildings and structures 5 5
В31.069 Coursework in the discipline Architectural design of industrial buildings and structures 5 5
В31.015 Estimated business in construction 5 5
В31.016 Quality control, inspection and testing of constructionproduction 5 5
В31.062 Construction manufacture technology 2 5 5
В31.020 Building construction 3 5 5
В31.020 Coursework in the discipline Building structures 3 5 5
В31.042 Technologies of construction and reconstruction of energy-efficient buildings 5 5
В31.041 Calculation and design of energy-saving buildings 5 5
В31.041 Course work in the discipline Calculation and design of energy-efficient buildings 5 5
В.027 Pre-diploma practice 10 6
В.029 Final Attestation 8 6


Гусманова Айгуль Гайнуллаевна

Dean "Engineering"

No employment

1 - семестр

Период Недель От До
Orientation Week 1 28.08.2023 02.09.2023
Theoretical Study 15 04.09.2023 16.12.2023
Midterm Control 1 (100) 1 23.10.2023 28.10.2023
Курсовая работа 1 11.12.2023 16.12.2023
Midterm Control 2 (100) 1 11.12.2023 16.12.2023
Final Examinations (100) 4 18.12.2023 13.01.2024
Vacation 1 15.01.2024 20.01.2024

2 - семестр

Период Недель От До
Theoretical Study 15 22.01.2024 04.05.2024
Midterm Control 1 (100) 1 11.03.2024 16.03.2024
Orientation Week 1 15.04.2024 20.04.2024
Midterm Control 2 (100) 1 29.04.2024 04.05.2024
Final State Examinations (100) 3 06.05.2024 25.05.2024
Final Examinations (100) 4 06.05.2024 01.06.2024
Summer Semester 6 17.06.2024 27.07.2024