Oil and gas engineering (BL)


Practice-oriented training of petroleum engineers with professional competencies that meet the requirements of the modern labor market in the field of oil and gas engineering.


ON1 –Solves professional tasks in the course of work, applying knowledge of basic natural science disciplines, fundamentals of economics and life safety and processes, using non-standard thinking that allows you to find the optimal solution. 

ON2 -Expresses its own civil and moral position, possessing global and national spiritual and moral values
ON3-Analyzes the physical, mechanical and hydraulic processes occurring in the reservoir.

ON 4 -Analyzes and systematizes the generalized data of geological information, composing graphic materials, owning the technique and technology of drilling, development and operation of wells, ensuring the collection and preparation of well products in accordance with technical conditions

ON5-Collects and analyzes incoming information from production facilities necessary for operational control, regulation and coordination of management units, analyzing actual and forecast technological indicators of development, designing the development processes of oil, gas and gas condensate fields.

ON 6 –Applies modern information and digital technologies for the analysis and modeling of oil and gas field development, describing the system of automatic control of technological processes of product preparation, development and operation of oil and gas fields.

ON 7- Plans to participate in the development of geological and technical measures and conducts research to improve oil recovery, conducting information processing and data analysis, submitting the results of field research in writing. 

ON8 – Develops organizational and technical measures for oil and gas production, well repair, engineering solutions related to the specifics of the development and operation of offshore fields, analyzing and processing the technical parameters of equipment operation;

ON9 –Substantiates and implements measures to optimize the production of hydrocarbon raw materials, increase oil recovery, as well as to prevent and combat complications during the operation of wells and equipment, exercising field control over the process of field development.  

ON10 –Ensures the safety of production processes, observing labor protection standards and environmental requirements and participates in the implementation of measures to improve the efficiency and culture of production, create safe working conditions, protect the environment, develop technically sound standards for the consumption of materials, fuel and electricity. 

ON11 - Effectively interacts in a professional and social environment, using knowledge of languages, the basics of law, academic writing, emotional intelligence, anti-corruption culture.

ON12 –Improves professional skills, management skills with the possibility of organizing his own business, using knowledge of the basics of economic theory, entrepreneurship, design thinking, a foreign language, production management economics, the basics of law.
Cycle Count of subjects

Для успешного завершения курса необходимо освоить 120 ECTS

Код Subjects Credit Semester


Гусманова Айгуль Гайнуллаевна

Dean "Engineering"

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