Сomputer engineering (BL)


The purpose of the educational program 6B070300 – "Information systems" is the training of highly qualified specialists of technical sciences in the specialty "Information systems", able to carry out professional activities aimed at professional and technical support of student, personal, social and professional development of the student, to prepare in different areas of information systems, server, network and computer administrators, highly qualified specialists in the protection and security of information, whose professional skills will meet the requirements, training of highly qualified engineers with opportunities for professional development in the field of formation of additional competencies in the development and implementation of modern software and hardware protection of information and the formation of skills in the development of mobile applications for solving professional problems in all areas of activity.
The objective of the program is to prepare a new generation of graduates in the field of IT-technology in two educational trajectories: "Information security in IP" and "Development of mobile applications."
This educational program is aimed at the formation of a set of competencies that will allow the graduate to effectively carry out professional activities in various fields of information technology.
Graduates can make a career in various fields of IT technology, in particular in the field of information security, designers and designers of mobile applications, information security experts.
Possible work placements: industrial enterprises, service companies, research and design organizations, etc.


Have a culture of thinking. Be able to write and speak correctly and logically formalize the results of reflection
Explain the basics of the legal system and legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan; legal moral and ethical standards in the field of professional activity.

Use application software packages for computation, modeling and design automation; Identify the main methods of marketing and management in the field of IT-technology.

Select the software and hardware means of collecting and storing information about the purchased and developed software. Analyze source information to describe process models, data, and domain objects.

Master the basic methods of software development processes. To design software with the use of specialized software packages. Install updates to server operating systems and software. Install and configure system software on users ' computers under the guidance of the system administrator.

Ensure availability of software and hardware of data collection tools for the analysis of indicators of the use and functioning of the computer network. Provide data collection for the analysis of indicators of software and hardware of the computer network. Develop schemes and procedures for recovery of the computer network after accidents.

Use software and hardware for data collection and processing. Install necessary updates for database management systems. Analyze the market of modern database and database management systems. Install and configure software and hardware for data collection.

Analyze project risks. To manage the content of the project. Work with different types of source data on the subject area. Manage works on project technologies. Ensure the interaction of information systems with the use of modern technological tools and standards.

Use technical means of information security. To develop standards for the security settings. Install additional protection software, maintain and manage these applications, security analysis of systems.
Cycle Count of subjects
Basic disciplines (Elective courses component) 16
Basic disciplines (compulsory component) 2
Additional Types of Learning 1 4
Profil discipline (elective courses component) 12
Profil discipline (compulsory component) 4

Для успешного завершения курса необходимо освоить 120 ECTS

Код Subjects Credit Semester
В22.043 Basics of algorithmization and programming 5 1
В22.044 Programming technology 4 1
В22.010 Java programming language 4 1
В22.007 Operation systems 5 1
В22.052 Operating system administration 5 1
В22.012 Circuit technique 5 1
В22.040 Circuit design design of microprocessor tools 5 1
В22.014 Geoinformation systems 6 1
В22.019 Basics of information security 6 1
В.025 Industrial practice 4 2
В46.012 Python programming language 5 2
В22.011 Object oriented programming 5 2
В22.006 Architecture of computer systems 5 2
В22.035 Service of the personal computer 5 2
В22.053 Information security in telecommunications networks 5 2
В22.020 Operating system security 5 2
В22.021 Cryptographic methods of information protection 5 2
В22.054 Data analysis 5 2
В22.055 Big data visualization 5 2
В22.056 Methods and systems for processing big data 5 2
B22.018 Technologies of development WEB applications 5 3
B22.046 Designing web interfaces 5 3
B22.048 Oracle database design 5 3
B22.049 System analysis and design of IS 5 3
B22.016 Computer networks 5 3
B22.041 Network technologies 5 3
B22.015 Designing of IS 6 3
B22.022 Hardware and software means for information security 5 3
B22.023 Security of distributed computer networks 5 3
B22.024 Development and operation of secure automated systems 5 3
B22.057 Managing big data 5 3
B22.058 Big data and forecasting 5 3
B22.045 Big data analytics 5 3
В.027 Pre-diploma practice 12 4
В.029 Final Attestation 12 4
В.028 Comprehensive exam in basic disciplines 6 4
В.028 Comprehensive examination in specialized disciplines 6 4
В.028 Writing and defense of the diploma work (projest) 12 4


Нигметова Гулмира Нагимовна

Dean "Science and technology"

No employment

1 - семестр

Период Недель От До
Orientation Week 1 29.08.2022 03.09.2022
Theoretical Study 15 05.09.2022 17.12.2022
Midterm Control 1 (100) 1 24.10.2022 29.10.2022
Midterm Control 2 (100) 1 12.12.2022 17.12.2022
Midterm Control 4 19.12.2022 14.01.2023
Final Examinations (100) 4 19.12.2022 14.01.2023
Vacation 1 16.01.2023 21.01.2023

2 - семестр

Период Недель От До
Theoretical Study 15 23.01.2023 06.05.2023
Midterm Control 1 (100) 1 13.03.2023 18.03.2023
Orientation Week 1 24.04.2023 30.04.2023
Midterm Control 2 (100) 1 01.05.2023 06.05.2023
Final State Examinations (100) 4 08.05.2023 03.06.2023
Midterm Control 4 08.05.2023 03.06.2023
Final Examinations (100) 4 08.05.2023 03.06.2023
Practice 9 05.06.2023 05.08.2023
Summer Semester 6 03.07.2023 12.08.2023

3 - семестр

Период Недель От До
Orientation Week 1 28.08.2023 02.09.2023
Theoretical Study 15 04.09.2023 16.12.2023
Midterm Control 1 (100) 1 23.10.2023 28.10.2023

2 - семестр

Период Недель От До
Practice 1 04.12.2023 09.12.2023

3 - семестр

Период Недель От До
Practice 1 04.12.2023 09.12.2023
Midterm Control 2 (100) 1 11.12.2023 16.12.2023
Midterm Control 4 18.12.2023 13.01.2024
Final Examinations (100) 4 18.12.2023 13.01.2024
Vacation 1 15.01.2024 20.01.2024

4 - семестр

Период Недель От До
Practice 12 22.01.2024 13.04.2024
Graduation work 12 15.04.2024 06.07.2024
Final State Examinations (100) 2 27.05.2024 08.06.2024
Summer Semester 6 17.06.2024 27.07.2024