Business administration


The aim is to train competitive and professional senior managers for business management who possess knowledge, interactive methods and skills based on new high technologies of administrative and productio.n processes in business structures, as well as capable of generating innovative changes in modern management in the context of globalization.


ЕО  1. To understand the essence of building a business and develop the general ways of managing it from the economic and strategic positions of the activities of organizations in a modern and dynamic market environment, forming knowledge in the field of strategic business communications.
ЕО 2.  To form an organizational structure and build a production, right marketing flow and a logistics system corresponding to the strategy, goals, objectives and internal, external conditions of the organization.
ЕО 3. To prepare analytical materials of financial and accounting, as well as reporting, using them as sources of information, formed for economic calculations and the implementation of the company's strategy.
ЕО 4. To choose the best solutions when creating science-intensive products, taking into account quality requirements, deadlines for the implementation of production and personnel policies using the method of applied organizational behaviors.
ЕО 5. To develop marketing and corporate strategies, organizational development and change programs and ensure their implementation at the national and international levels.
ЕО 6. To make logically correct management decisions to improve the efficiency of the organization, managing changes, responding flexibly and adequately to a changing situation.
ЕО 7. Independently create a system for analyzing the situation and processes related to key functional areas of the business: development and implementation of company development strategies, people and company management, innovation, change management, project management.
ЕО 8. To implement a model of effective corporate governance, human resource management and organizational behavior, including motivation, leadership, group dynamics, decision making, time management, the ability to think globally and constantly expand the planning horizon, as well as knowledge of the core values of world experience in recruitment.
Cycle Count of subjects
Basic disciplines (Elective courses component) 22
Basic disciplines (compulsory component) 4
Additional Types of Learning 1 4
Additional Types of Learning 2 1
Profil discipline (compulsory component) 1

Для успешного завершения курса необходимо освоить 120 ECTS

Код Subjects Credit Semester
М20.001 Strategic management 3 1
М20.002 Business Research 3 1
М20.019 Managerial economic 5 1
М20.011 Managerial Marketing 6 1
М20.012 Marketing research of the world market 6 1
М.010 Experimental research work, master's project (ERW) 10 1
M20.003 Managerial Finance and Accounting 3 1
M20.004 Methods of financial management 3 1
М20.005 Human resource management 3 2
М20.006 Personnel management 3 2
М20.009 Supply Chain Management 5 2
М20.010 Logistics and supply management 5 2
М20.013 Applied organization behavior 6 2
М20.014 Organizational behavior management 6 2
М20.015 International Business 6 2
М20.016 Business management 6 2
М.010 Experimental research work, master's project (ERW) 10 2
М20.018 Leadership and change management 5 3
М20.007 Introduction to Business Strategy 6 3
М20.031 Business strategy of the enterprise 6 3
М20.008 Knowledge management 6 3
М20.027 The concept of supply chain management 6 3
М20.020 Process optimization of oil and gas 5 3
М20.021 Green economy 5 3
М20.022 Entrepreneurial business 5 3
М20.023 Organization of business activities 5 3
М.010 Experimental research work, master's project (ERW) 2 3
М20.026 Business analysis systems 3 3
M20.017 Internship abroad 3 3
М.010 Experimental research work, master's project (ERW) 8 4
М.008 Industrial practice 8 4
М.013 Registration and defence of master 12 4


Абилшеева Рысгул Койшыгуловна

Dean "Business and Law"

No employment

1 - семестр

Период Недель От До
Orientation Week 1 29.08.2022 03.09.2022
Theoretical Study 15 05.09.2022 17.12.2022
НИР 10 10.10.2022 17.12.2022
Midterm Control 1 (100) 1 24.10.2022 29.10.2022
Midterm Control 2 (100) 1 12.12.2022 17.12.2022
Final Examinations (100) 3 19.12.2022 07.01.2023
Vacation 1 16.01.2023 21.01.2023