State and local management (profile)


The purpose of the 7M04102 educational program - "State and Local Governance" is the preparation of highly qualified management personnel for central and local authorities, government agencies and competitive managers and administrators to work in state, public and commercial organizations capable of solving innovative tasks in various sectors of the economy in practice -ORentized professional and personal competences.


ЕО1. Defines modern pedagogical, communicative methods and technologies of professional management decisions in conditions of uncertainty, defines state programs and projects.
ЕО2. Critically analyzes research conducted by others, as well as plans, organizes his own scientific research.
ЕО3. Applies information technologies to solve management tasks in the field of public administration and research tools of digital business.
ЕО4. Uses theoretical, practical, research and leadership skills to study a wide range of problems in the private and public sectors.
ЕО5. Develops management decisions, including regulatory acts aimed at the execution of the powers of state bodies, local self-government bodies.
ЕО6. Assesses the level of socio-economic development of the territory and predicts their prospects for the future, understands the mechanisms of interaction between the state and business and strategic management.
ЕО7. Establishes interpersonal communication and maintains the image of a civil servant.
ЕО8. Carries out reflection and self-assessment of his research activities, determines the directions of further professional development.
Cycle Count of subjects
Basic disciplines (Elective courses component) 2
Basic disciplines (compulsory component) 3
General educational disciplines (compulsory component) 1
Profil discipline (elective courses component) 4
Profil discipline (compulsory component) 3

Для успешного завершения курса необходимо освоить 63 ECTS

Код Subjects Credit Semester
М.001 Foreign Language (professional) 3 1
М.005 Management 3 1
М.014 Psychology of management 3 1
М06.007 Theory and practice of public adminitration 5 1
М06.008 Decision making in public administration 5 1
М06.017 Management of socio-economic development of the territory 5 1
М06.018 Strategic development of the region 5 1
М06.016 Management of government innovation policy 4 1
М06.015 The interaction of the state and business 4 1
М.009 Human resource management in the public service 5 1
М.010 Official ethics and conflict management on government service 5 1
М.010 Master`s experimental and research work including implementation of master project 13 2
М.008 Industrial practice 5 2


Абилшеева Рысгул Койшыгуловна

Dean "Business and Law"

No employment

1 - семестр

Период Недель От До
Orientation Week 1 29.08.2022 03.09.2022
Theoretical Study 15 05.09.2022 17.12.2022
Midterm Control 1 (100) 1 24.10.2022 29.10.2022
Midterm Control 2 (100) 1 12.12.2022 17.12.2022
Final Examinations (100) 4 19.12.2022 14.01.2023
Vacation 1 16.01.2023 21.01.2023