Pedagogy and Psychology---


- design of teaching and educational process in educational institutions;
- psychology and pedagogical researches on problems of personal and social development of pupils;
- development of the developing and adjusting programs, educational activity taking into account specific and age features of students;
- rendering the psychology and pedagogical help in the organization of pedagogical process in educational institutions;
- prevention of emergence of social disadaptation;
- psychology and pedagogical education of parents; 
- the psychology and pedagogical activity directed to maintaining mental and social wellbeing of students;
- psychology and pedagogical support of exceptional children;
- consultation of teachers on questions of practical application of psychology;
- ensuring psychology and pedagogical support of profile training at 12-year school.


ON 1 – knows the maintenance of a regulatory framework of an education system of RK (laws, concepts, the international agreements, standards, instructions, governed, etc.) and the basic psychology and pedagogical concepts, laws and the phenomena.
ON 2- can apply theoretical provisions of pedagogics and psychology in practical professional activity. 
ON 3- is able to organize pedagogical process and psychological activity in educational institutions, to develop plans, projects, programs of teaching and educational actions and to carry out them.
ON 4-is able to reveal, comprehend and estimate possibilities of the development, to master ways of physical, spiritual and intellectual self-development, emotional self-control and self-support.
ON 5- it is capable to improvement of results of the work, increase in efficiency of work due to use of own individual and personal features and professional and psychological potential.
ON 6- knows about correctional programs and technologies according to age, a problem, specific features of pupils.
ON 7- carries out psychology and pedagogical diagnostics of students at all levels of educational process and it is capable to organize system psychological assistance.
ON 8- owns technologies of communication, skills of pedagogical rhetoric, the strategy of communications and is capable to pedagogical cooperation and tolerance.
Cycle Count of subjects
General educational disciplines (compulsory component) 1

Для успешного завершения курса необходимо освоить 240 ECTS

Код Subjects Credit Semester
6B023 Modern history of Kazakhstan 5 1


Озгамбаева Райхан Омирзаковна

Dean "Education"

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