Foreign language: two foreign languages


Training of foreign language teachers who are fluent in two foreign languages, have practical skills and leadership qualities, are able to solve professional problems by introducing innovative learning technologies into the educational process.


EO 1-Plans training sessions taking into account the characteristics and needs of students, identifying appropriate teaching methods and assessment tools.
EO 2-Shows involvement in the system of universal and national values in their unity,  possessing global and national spiritual and moral values, economic and legal knowledge 
EO 3-Builds an educational process, showing respect for the personality of students, applying the knowledge of pedagogy, developmental psychology and physiology of the development of schoolchildren, taking into account the levels of emotional intelligence of students.
EO 4-possessing information literacy, creatively and productively applies the possibilities of innovative technologies in foreign language teaching methods, including ICT.
EO 5-Conducts classes in language disciplines, using didactic knowledge in integration with knowledge of modern methods and approaches of teaching a foreign language.
EO 6-Observes the pedagogical tact, the rules of pedagogical ethics, developing a favorable educational environment for the implementation of the cultural and linguistic needs of students.
EO 7-Develops programs and methods of teaching in foreign languages, designing an individual trajectory for the development of students, taking into account their individual abilities and needs, using information and communication technology for teaching and using a wide range of educational resources.
EO 8-Forms and stimulates interest in learning a foreign language as a means of intercultural communication, under the guidance of a mentor, creates conditions for the adaptation of school-age children to communication in English.
EO 9-Identifies the needs and difficulties in teaching a foreign language, using the results of diagnosing the individual characteristics of students, methods of reflection and teamwork in research / project work.
EO 10-. Conducts classes in language disciplines, carrying out effective communication, developing the language competencies of students, maintaining a comfortable, accessible learning environment and emotional and psychological climate in the classroom. 
EO 11-Develops programs of oral and written communication in English to solve the problems of interpersonal, intercultural and professional communication, taking into account the basic knowledge of emotional intelligence and linguistic mechanisms of intercultural communication.
EO 12-Applies innovative forms and methods of teaching a foreign language, taking into account the characteristics and needs of students during the lesson based on effective teaching methods and tools for assessing learning achievements.
Cycle Count of subjects
Basic disciplines (Elective courses component) 9
Basic disciplines (compulsory component) 4
Profil discipline (elective courses component) 4
Profil discipline (compulsory component) 4

Для успешного завершения курса необходимо освоить 120 ECTS

Код Subjects Credit Semester
В01.001 Pedagogics 5 1
В12.039 Second Foreign language (level A2, B1) 3 1
В12.031 Practice writing and speaking a second language (level A2, B1) 3 1
В12.033 Language for special purposes 4 1
В12.034 General Professional foreign language 4 1
В12.012 History of methods of teaching foreign languages 5 1
В12.016 Stylistics 5 1
В12.017 Introduction to intercultural communication 4 1
В12.018 Literature of the country of studied language 4 1
В01.005 Inclusive education 5 2
В01.005 Course work in the discipline "Inclusive education" 0 2
В.026 Pedagogical practice 3 2
В14.005 Geography of the second foreign language 4 2
В12.027 The history of the language is spoken 4 2
В12.010 Country studies 4 2
В12.035 Basics of speech avtivity 4 2
В14.017 Special professional foreign language 4 2
В12.013 Specialized professional foreign language 5 2
В12.019 Professional foreign language 5 2
В12.022 Stylistic Devices and expressive means 5 2
B12.036 TKT Modul I 5 2


Айтбаева Нурсауле Конарбаевна

Dean "Tourism and languages"

No employment

1 - семестр

Период Недель От До
Theoretical Study 15 02.09.2019 14.12.2019
Theoretical Study 8 23.09.2019 16.11.2019
Midterm Control 1 (100) 1 21.10.2019 26.10.2019
Midterm Control 1 (100) 1 11.11.2019 16.11.2019
Midterm Control 2 (100) 1 09.12.2019 14.12.2019
Final Examinations (100) 4 16.12.2019 11.01.2020
Vacation 2 13.01.2020 25.01.2020

2 - семестр

Период Недель От До
Practice 3 27.01.2020 15.02.2020
Theoretical Study 15 27.01.2020 09.05.2020
Midterm Control 1 (100) 1 16.03.2020 21.03.2020
Orientation Week 1 20.04.2020 25.04.2020
Курсовая работа 1 04.05.2020 09.05.2020
Midterm Control 2 (100) 1 04.05.2020 09.05.2020
Final Examinations (100) 4 11.05.2020 06.06.2020

3 - семестр

Период Недель От До
Theoretical Study 15 01.09.2020 12.12.2020
Midterm Control 1 (100) 1 19.10.2020 24.10.2020
Midterm Control 1 07.12.2020 12.12.2020
Midterm Control 2 (100) 1 07.12.2020 12.12.2020
Final Examinations (100) 4 14.12.2020 09.01.2021

4 - семестр

Период Недель От До
Practice 12 11.01.2021 03.04.2021
Graduation work 12 05.04.2021 26.06.2021