Heat power engineering


Preparation of competitive highly qualified undergraduates with deep modern knowledge in the field of thermal power engineering, allowing to carry out professional and scientific-pedagogical activities


ON 1 Assesses the reliability indicators of equipment, installations of heat and power systems, using methods for diagnosing and monitoring heat and power equipment, determining the procedure for calculating distribution laws and reliability characteristics based on test results
ОN 2 Critically comprehends and applies theories, methodologies of history and philosophy of science, pedagogy of higher education, psychology of management in the preparation and conduct of research work in the field of heat power engineering, providing results, including in foreign languages, in the form of scientific and technical reports, reviews, scientific reports, publications, technical documentation
ОN 3 Plans energy saving (resource saving) measures, evaluating their environmental and economic efficiency, conducting an energy audit of the facility, compiling an energy passport of the facility
ОN 4 Conducts patent research for the examination of a technical solution for novelty and examination of a thermal power plant for patent purity, preparing applications for inventions using knowledge in the field of occupational safety and industrial safety
ОN 5 Develops methods of modeling and optimization of heat power processes, installations and systems, using automated control systems for heat power and heat engineering facilities
ОN 6 Selects the main and auxiliary equipment, design schemes of thermal power plants, determining the principles and methods of optimization and methods of regulating equipment, providing information on the classification and rules for the technical operation of equipment
ОN 7 Designs and analyzes innovative measures aimed at improving the energy efficiency of thermal power equipment, boiler plants of thermal power plants, acquiring the skills of feasibility studies of energy-saving and innovative projects
ОN 8 Analyzes modern problems of thermal power engineering, searching and collecting scientific and technical information, studying domestic and foreign experience on research topics, measuring the main parameters of the object using standard instruments
ON 9 Organizes and manages team work, developing and implementing a self-development trajectory based on the principles of lifelong learning, developing a team strategy to achieve the set goals
ON 10 Plans and conducts research in the field of heat power engineering, compiling reviews and conclusions on draft standards, innovation proposals and inventions, managing activities for planning and monitoring the implementation of heat supply system modes
Cycle Count of subjects
Profil discipline (elective courses component) 1
Profil discipline (compulsory component) 2

Для успешного завершения курса необходимо освоить 240 ECTS

Код Subjects Credit Semester
МООС Free elective (MOOC курс) 5 7
B029 Writing and defense of the diploma work (projest) 12 8
B027 Pre-diploma practice 12 8


Гусманова Айгуль Гайнуллаевна

Dean "Engineering"

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